The Promise Organization

About Benton Harbor Promise

The Benton Harbor Promise launched in 2011 with a mission to help all students in the greater Benton Harbor area achieve a post-secondary education. The Benton Harbor Promise realizes that every student regardless of financial means should have the opportunity to earn post-secondary credentials. The program provides full tuition and mandatory fees at any accredited community college or Career Technical school in Michigan where the student is accepted.

The program also offers various opportunities for students through high school programs, counseling and career guidance, and work internships throughout the post secondary education experience.

Affording every Benton Harbor Promise Zone a post secondary education is the vision of the Benton Harbor Promise because we believe that every child in our community deserves the type of education that will prepare them for life after high school.

How Do We Help the Benton Harbor Community?

The Promise helps a wide range of people beyond just our students. By investing in our children’s future, you can help transform and revitalize Benton Harbor for everyone. The impacts of this program can help create more qualified applicants and employees for local employers, boost the local economy with increased spending, increase school enrollment, graduation and retention rates, which in turn can raise property values and tax revenues. Most importantly, this program provides equal opportunities for all students regardless of their backgrounds.

How is the Program Funded?

We are partially funded through the State Education Tax, however most funds are privately donated.

How is the Program Managed?

We’re an independent board of volunteers who manage funds, confirms eligibility and enrollment, and supervises payment directly to the post secondary instititution accepting the student.  The board consists of two boards, the Benton Harbor Promise Zone Authority Board and the Benton Harbor Promise Foundation Board.   Benton Harbor’s Promise Zone schools are encouraged to participate on the Authority Board; currently the Zone includes some school administration members.