The Promise Organization


To qualify for the Benton Harbor Promise Award, a student must meet all of the following criteria:

Student must reside within the boundaries of the Benton Harbor PromiseZone (Promise Zone boundaries include all areas within 49022). An allowable exception includes a student not residing within the 49022 zip code, but meets all other criteria listed below and pays Benton Harbor Area School District taxes.

Student must graduate from one of the three eligible high schools located within the Benton Harbor Promise Zone. Eligible high schools are Benton Harbor High School, Countryside Academy and Dream Academy.

Student must submit to the Benton Harbor Promise Zone Authority the following documentation:

  • Completed Benton Harbor Promise Application
  • High School Transcript
  • Copy of Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) report or award letter
  • Community College or Career Technical Education (CTE) programacceptance letter

Student must register with the Michigan College Access Portal, MichiganCAP, prior to his/her high school graduation date. MichiganCAP is a statewide system that tracks a student’s transition to college.

The size of the Benton Harbor Promise Award a student is eligible for is based on the number of years the student is enrolled in and attends a school located within the boundaries of Promise Zone. For each year, the student must both reside in and attend a school located within the Promise Zone boundaries.

5-12 and earlier: 100%
6-12: 75%
7-12: 70%
8-12: 65%
9-12: 60%
10-12: 50%
11-12: 40%
12: 25%

There are two exceptions to the above-listed scale:

  1. Any student living in the Promise Zone boundaries who is enrolled in and attended any school located within the Benton Harbor Promise Zone boundaries on the first day of the application school year, at any grade, andcontinues to reside within the Promise Zone boundaries, maintains enrollment and attendance and graduates from one of the eligible high schools within the Promise Zone boundaries, is eligible for 100% of the Promise Award.
  2. Any Benton Harbor student who resides within the Benton Harbor Promise Zone boundaries and completes the GED is eligible for 10% of the Promise Award.
  3. To maintain eligibility each semester, STUDENTS must submit transcript to Promise staff showing GPA and Class Completion rate. Failure to do may result in loss of Promise scholarship.