Summer Internship Program

Learn about different opportunities and our partnership with local businesses and organizations in the Benton Harbor community to help prepare the next generation of talent.

A Real Opportunity

Local employers have found themselves needing help accessing the next generation. There are jobs available, but today’s workers are lacking both the necessary core and “soft” skills needed to be employed. On the same note, we’ve found that students need help finding a job, often facing the challenge of not being hired because they need experience, but unable to gain experience when no one will hire them.

We want to help both employers and students find a solution that works for them.

What’s an Internship?

These are one-time work or service experiences related to a student’s post-secondary educational study or career goal. The internship usually involves a student working in a work setting under the supervision and monitoring of practicing professionals. Internships can be paid or unpaid work experience.

Why an Internship?

Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in their career field of interest. It also helps students build work ethic, business and leadership skills, as well as people and communication skills. Most importantly, an internship can help students improve their odds for career success.

How Do Internships Benefit Businesses?

  • Employers who hired interns from their own programs retained 88.9% of these hires after one year. Employers are personally involved in guiding and evaluating the next generation of talent.
  • Interns help current employees be more productive. By training another to learn the job, employees may gain a renewed confidence in their own work.
  • Interns see work from a new angle; potential solutions to problems or even cost saving ideas may come from them.
  • A chance to give back to the community. Hiring interns not only helps students in the community get started, it enhances the local workforce as a whole.

How Does the Program Work?

This is a structured program facilitated by the Benton Harbor Promise office, and is open to Promise eligible graduating high school seniors and active Promise college/CTE students meeting minimum requirements. We partner with local businesses to develop real work experiences based on student’s career aspirations and business talent needs.

Business/Internship Minimum Requirements

  • Meaningful work with an opportunity to build business skills
  • Position requires post-secondary credentials (degree or certificate)
  • Assigned supervisor (intern direct supervisor)
  • Six week minimum; preferably 8-10 weeks

Benton Harbor Promise 2015 Summer Internship Program Requirements

  • Applicants must be either a Promise graduating high school senior or a Promise student currently enrolled at anaccredited post-secondary institution.
  • Students must possess, at the time of application, a minimum GPA: High School 3.0 or College/CTE 2.5 or equivalent.  Note: Employer may request higher GPA requirement.
  • Applicants MUST be able to pass a background check.